What can I do for you ?
When all else fails, get in touch.
The majority of computer issues I deal with are software related, and most of those have been due to Malware, Viruses, Trojans, lack of regular software patching and ultimatley lack of protection.

Before you contact me though, I will first direct you to my Self Help Rescources Section.   Take some time, read, digest and try some self help - it's really not that hard, and you will get a great sense of achievement when you solve a problem. 

The items listed below are just a small selection of what I can do for you.  When all else fails, get in touch.
Virus & Spyware Removal with Patching & Protection
Computer is acting strange? Opening windows to unsavory and unsightly websites? Simply not behaving as you think it should? Applications and Internet access unreasonably slow? Getting emails from friends saying they are getting spam from your email address? Rogue Antivirus software holding your computer hostage and requesting you pay the ransom?

Data Recovery
Hard Drives will not last forever, and if you do not have a suitable backup solution in place you can be left high and dry when one of them finally fails.   If the hard drive is still spinning, we can generally recover data.  If the hard drive is not spinning then we can recommend some reputable companies who can probably help.

Flash drives are a different problem, and as long as they were not destroyed by a power surge there is a very good chance that we can recover your data.
Hardware Repair
It happens, with modern PC's hardware failure is not as common as it used to be, but it still happens.   We can determine the point of failure and determine which parts need replacing (repairs are generally not cost effective unless it is a display such as an LCD) and we can either obtain the parts or point you in the right direction for a cost efficient supplier.    We only charge cost for parts that we supply.

Installation and Configuration of a Secure Wireless Network
The addition of a wireless network is a wonderful addition to any home or small office. The flexibility that this provides, and the ability to reduce the amount of unsightly network cables, will make you wonder why you have not done it earlier.

Doing it right and securely is not rocket science, but it can be frustrating to a first timer. We can help you choose the right equipment and then install and configure everything for you. We will even show you how to add additional devices such as printers, games consoles and other WiFi equipped devices with ease.
Hardware & Software Installation
New printer? Need a bigger hard drive? Need more USB ports? Need Firewire? Looking to upgrade your graphics card?  Want to add more memory?  Need to add a WiFi card? Want to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7? Need a software application installing and configuring?   Yes.  We can do that for you.
Data Migration
Finally upgraded to a new computer and want your data from another computer transferring?   Want to transfer your emails, email configuration anddocuments?  Got an old software package that you need to extract the data from?  Call, we can help.
Custom PC Design and Build
Looking for a new PC but don't a generic off the shelf box?  We can look at your requirements and design and build you a custom PC to meet your specific current and future needs.
Small Application Development
Looking for a Windows or DOS based application to perform a unique task?  Not found what you need off the shelf? We can design and develop small applications to run on all Windows versions.  Who knows, we may already have the source code in our library.
Website Design and Hosting
We are not your traditional hosting provider.  When you host with us we take care of everything for you.   We will register your domain name, design your site, maintain you site and monitor your site.  We will configure your new email addresses and elminate 99% of spam.  

We offer is a completely managed solution so all you need to do is run your business.   Our servers are secure, our servers have the latest anti-spam and denial of service protection and they are hosted in a very secure location. 
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